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City of Utica Master Plan Accomplishments

City of Utica Master Plan Meeting Scheduled for North Utica Neighborhood

City of Utica Master Plan Meeting Scheduled for South Utica Neighborhood

City of Utica Master Plan Meeting Scheduled for East Utica Neighborhood

City of Utica Master Plan Meeting Scheduled for West Utica Neighborhood



City of Utica Master Plan Accomplishments / 2.8.10

Mayor RoefaroClick here to download PDF of briefing.

UTICA, NY -- The City of Utica has accomplished several milestones in its development of a neighborhood-based comprehensive Master Plan, Mayor David Roefaro announced today.

The city’s planning and economic development staff, consultant team and 50+ member steering committee have been engaging in discussions across the city to gather information that will help formulate the final plan document. The steering committee is made up of community residents, business owners, and representatives of institutions, agencies and other stakeholder groups. Meetings held include:

    • Seven full steering committee working sessions with additional subcommittee meetings
    • Six neighborhood meetings with city residents and businesses — Cornhill (2), West Utica, East Utica, South Utica, North Utica
    • Eight focus groups to explore interest areas including economic development, arts and culture, students, senior citizens, downtown Utica, and transportation
    • Meetings with city department heads and regional partners
    • Press conference, media briefings, interviews and media notifications of all neighborhood meetings
    • Numerous informal listening sessions throughout the city
    • Creation of a project website with regular postings and progress reports — www.uticamasterplan.org

The steering committee formed five subcommittees that have been actively developing goals and implementation recommendations specific to the areas of:

    • Housing and Neighborhood Development
    • Downtown Development
    • Parks, Recreation, Arts/Culture and Historic Preservation
    • Business and Technology Development
    • Infrastructure and Waterfront Development

“I am extremely grateful and proud of the work that has been accomplished thus far by the professional team and volunteer community members,” said Roefaro. “This truly will be a plan that represents the needs and vision of this great City of Utica.”
A draft plan is scheduled for presentation in April and will address a number of elements, including:

    • Land use and development patterns
    • Transportation, gateways, and corridors
    • Green infrastructure
    • Downtown redevelopment
    • Housing development
    • Transformative projects
    • Strategies for implementation

Between now and April, additional public involvement activities will be held across the city so residents can review and provide input on the developing goals and implementation recommendations.

A community master plan provides a conceptual vision for the growth and development of the city. It takes into account the goals the community wants to achieve, and outlines the actions that are needed to achieve those objectives.

According to Brian Thomas, Director of Urban Planning, the outcome of the process is a written vision that will direct development activities. It is an all-inclusive approach to addressing future growth. “The master plan document becomes a policy guide for decisions about the development of the community, now and far into the future,” said Thomas.

Public feedback is always welcomed and encouraged via website, phone, mail (to Brian Thomas, Director of Urban Planning, City of Utica), or to any member of the steering committee.



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