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Draft Vision Statement

Draft Guiding Principles

Draft Goals


Draft Guiding Principles

As we move forward into the 21st Century, Utica will be …

  • …a dynamic city with a thriving downtown supported by a flourishing arts community surrounded by healthy, safe, and interconnected neighborhoods. Neighborhoods will be active, interesting and attractive places where people feel safe walking or biking and talking with neighbors.

  • …a center of opportunity for collaboration and innovation that builds an entrepreneurial culture. Our thriving downtown will be at the core – a place of commerce and culture. A diversity of creative entrepreneurs, built on a model of partnerships with our educational institutions, employers, community agencies and students, will drive the city’s economy, increase job opportunities, and contribute to a greater quality of life for all.

  • …the heart of regional creativity by supporting and attracting cultural venues, artisans and talent. Utica’s theaters, music venues, and art galleries will be the focus of the cultural economy in the Mohawk Valley. Our reputation as a lively center for arts and culture will attract more artisans, more visitors and more residents and businesses. The city will protect and celebrate its historic character embodied in our unique architectural buildings.

  • …a community that celebrates diversity as one of its greatest assets. As an urban center, Utica has traditionally been an economic and ethnic melting pot. We will continue to embrace different cultures and make Utica an attractive destination.

  • …a city that practices sustainable development in all public and private endeavors. At the core of this initiative is a focus on combating global environmental gradation by fostering the incorporation of sustainable practices in all of our community activities. As a city, we are committed to right-sizing and developing sustainable alternatives in our building designs, infrastructure systems and neighborhoods, such as creating opportunities for urban agriculture to support our local residents and restaurants.

  • …a great little American city whose people come together with pride to guide the city’s future.



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