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Draft Vision Statement

Draft Guiding Principles

Draft Goals


Draft Goals

While the steering committee has been meeting as a group to review information and discuss elements of the plan, members also formed sub-committees to focus on major aspects of the city’s lifestyle and service needs. Following are draft goals developed by the five sub-committees.

Housing & Neighborhood Development

  • Substantially increase the percent of owner occupied housing within the city of Utica.

  • Assure access to a diversity of housing options within each neighborhood for people of all ages and income levels.

  • Assure all properties meet prevailing codes.

  • Increase the number of downtown residents.

  • Enhance personal safety and mobility along neighborhood streets.

  • Emphasize the attributes of neighborhoods that enhance their attractiveness and

Downtown Development

  • Provide a framework, guidelines and action plan for the arts that will contribute to creating a culturally dynamic downtown.

  • Identify ways to encourage creative partnerships and collaborations working to support a dynamic downtown with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Ensure a safe downtown with ample parking for residents and businesses.

  • Promote residential and mixed-use development downtown that is consistent with Utica’s heritage and architecture.

  • Provide safe, comfortable and efficient multimodal connectivity.

Infrastructure & Waterfront Development

  • Enhance the overall quality of Utica’s physical infrastructure and municipal services.

  • Create pedestrian friendly streetscapes.

  • Create an effective transportation system, including public transit, automobiles, and
    a pedestrian bike path system in the city of Utica.

  • Increase public awareness of, and public access to, the Erie Canal/Mohawk River.

  • Ensure that the waterfront and inner harbor create a destination attraction for Utica.

  • Reconnect Utica’s downtown to the waterfront.

Business & Technology Development

  • Diversify the city’s economy by attracting new business and industry to Utica through a multifaceted plan and incentives.

  • Facilitate the retention and expansion of local business and industry.

  • Create an environment that fosters entrepreneurship.

  • Develop a skilled and educated workforce that will meet the needs of existing businesses and emerging industries.

  • Maintain the high quality of life already present in Utica and improve those elements most likely to attract young professionals.

  • Expand and capitalize on Utica’s diverse historic and cultural fabric.

  • Redevelop brownfield sites.

Parks, Recreation, Arts/Culture & Historic Preservation

  • Introduce and reintroduce population to city parks, non-parks, and recreational facilities.

  • Use our parks system and natural areas for stimulating economic development.

  • Develop use of the Erie Canal and the Mohawk River around historic, recreational and regional objectives to stimulate economic development.

  • Formalize protection and enforcement of that protection for historic buildings and historic districts.

  • Increase public awareness of heritage tourism.

  • Develop the city’s identity as a place for artists and as a place for art.

  • Coordinate arts event to enable better marketing opportunities.



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